Golf Chipping Tips

  • I think that the hardest thing to master in the game of golf is the short game. That starts with the chipping. I feel like most of us spend a lot of time on the driving range. We will spend hours and hours on our driver, woods, irons, etc but then we spend minimal time on our short game. Why is that? To say I can answer that would be a lie. It just seems like we want to put a lot more time in getting that long drive or iron shot that we forget about the little things like our chipping.


    When you think about it, you could probably save at least one stroke off of each hole if you could improve your chipping. If you can avoid the dreaded two or three putts, your scorecard will definitely see a difference.


    My chipping tip is to practice chipping more. Every time you go to the range. Head over to the practice greens and spend at least thirty minutes practicing your chipping. Figure out how you can consistently go up and down from multiple distances around the green. If professionals miss the green with their iron shots, we are going to miss the green as well. The difference is what you can do afterwards.


    So the next time you head to the golf range, here are three things to practice during that thirty minutes of chipping:


    1.     Shots you are going to hit high and soft and the shots you are going to hit low and run. This will take some practicing but will help you determine which club you should use from certain distances.


    2.     Shots from different lies. Don’t practice chipping from a perfect lie. You hardly ever get that when you are on the golf course. Instead, throw three balls randomly past the practice green and hit them as they lie. This includes the bunker as well.


    3.     Practice your follow through. It should be longer than your backswing.


    As you begin practicing your short game for at least thirty minutes every time you head to the golf course, you will improve your short game significantly. You will gain that muscle memory that’s needed to hit those chip shots like you need to. You will not have to worry about getting to the green in two because you will be confident that you can go up and down from anywhere.


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