How To Find The Best Golf Pro To Improve Your Game

  • If you want to become a better golfer, you might want to take lessons from a golf pro at some point. True, there are some players who have never taken a lesson and still gone on to excel (Masters Champion Bubba Watson being a good example). However, it is definitely advisable to have a coach if you are not a natural freak of nature.


    The reason a coach is so important is that you cannot see yourself swing. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to pick up on swing flaws yourself, unless you have an innate feel for your swing (very few players do). If you develop a bad swing habit, the longer you leave it unchecked the worse it will get. A swing coach is important because they can give you an outsider perspective on your swing.


    How To Find the Best Coach


    All coaches are not created equal, so do not just go to any local course and see who is available. Some coaches will do more harm than good, so it is very important that you do not go with just anyone. Here are 5 guidelines to follow to find the best:


    Look At Quality Courses


    First of all, you might want to start with the more upscale private courses in your area and see who is available there. Generally speaking, the best coaches come from the best courses.


    Ask Around


    If you know any good players, ask them for coaches they would recommend. Usually they are the best resource, as they will have probably worked with different people in the past.

    Do Not Worry About Playing Ability

    Remember, the best player does not necessarily make the best coach. Sometimes good coaches are mediocre players themselves who just have a great understanding of the golf swing. Therefore, do not rely solely on their playing pedigree-it can be deceiving.


    Take a Trial Lesson


    After you have used the above tips to find the best coaches available, just take one trial lesson and see what you think. You can usually tell by the first lesson how good a coach is, because you will see how well they understand the swing and their communication ability.


    Make Sure They Simplify Things


    A good coach is someone who gives you one thing to work on and only one thing. If they overload you with swing thoughts, then avoid them.


    But Do Not Stop There


    At some point, you are going to want to improve your game on your own. Therefore, do not overlook internet instruction sites, as they can help you.  Then while you're at it, maybe you can go ahead and book a round of golf online through a booking website.




    Getting a good swing coach can not only help you with your swing-they can also give you motivation. After all, if you know you have a lesson scheduled in a week’s time, you will have more incentive to practice so you will not embarrass yourself. Use these guidelines, and you will find the right golf pro shortly.


    John Taldwell is a freelance writer and sports reporter who focuses on golf. He reports on tournaments in all the golf courses in his area (more info).