I Reckon The Beauty Of Golf Courses Is Really In The Eyes Of The Beholder!

  • As natural as a golf course might be, thanks to Mother Nature, there's always going to be a great deal of work, both landscaping and maintenance that go into keeping the greens pristine; the hazards less hazardous; the rough not too rough and the divits to a minimum.

    The grass is always greener on the golf course, not just on the other side of the fence. Mother Nature's trees are allowed to grow as long as they don't interfere with the fairway. If you stop to take in all the beauty however, don't be surprised if someone sneaks up behind you and asks to play through. In addition, they may be slightly annoyed so it's best just to let them go.



    Searching For The World's Most Beautiful Courses

    That's quite an order to fill. But whether it's mountains, lakes, rolling green hills, streams or trees… there are absolutely thousands upon thousands of golf courses that could be considered the most scenic. Let's check out just a few!

    Now, Abu Dhabi and Vietnam both have a history that may steer some of us away; yet they have appeared on the list of the most scenic golf courses on more than one occasion. Maybe you consider China just a little bit more on the friendly side, and if you do, there is a Blackstone Brian Curley designed course included in the 10 courses in the Mission Hills Golf Complex.


    Rolling green mountains or hills (depending on how you look at them) are visible from almost everywhere! Kruger National Park in South Africa has really turned on the water works with a Leopard Creek located course. Jack Nicklaus designed a course in Malaysia and along the Indian Ocean's cliffs, there is a golf course that looks more like a maze from the air. The ocean itself and rice paddies are the main hazards as well as a few sand traps plunked here and there for good measure.

    I can't even find my way around that course from the air! Imagine doing it on foot or by cart. Oh God, please let there be a cart!


    Sacrificing Beauty (Sometimes) For Uniqueness

    Alright, we've seen real golf course beauty; now let's go for something else. How about some truly unique and perhaps strange golf courses? My first example may be my best—how would you like to attempt to land on this green?

    And for your information, you can only get to it with the 'putter boat'. What we actually have here is a movable, floating island that serves as a green in the Himalayas. Because it's not hard enough just to get the ball onto the green, you'll notice that someone felt compelled to put trees and sand traps in the equation as well. At least there are walls to stop your ball; hopefully.


    How would you like to play a few rounds with one of the prisoners in Louisiana's (yes, we're back in America now) state prison? This is the place where, if you hit your ball over the fence and go to retrieve it, don't plan on getting back to your game (or family) anytime soon. You must be screened two weeks in advance in order to play golf on this course. Oh and by the way, if the warden doesn't like the way things are looking out on the course, play will be suspended immediately. Strange enough for you?


    From Cold to Hot

    Not to be disrespectful of the 100th year anniversary of the Titanic but if you think you might like to try your hand at a golf course that uses red balls instead of white, and white greens instead of… um… green – you might want to try your hand at a golf course that shifts with the glaciers and icebergs. That would be located in Greenland (big surprise there); the World Ice Golf Championship was played there. Did you know that there was a World Ice Golf Championship? Now you do!

    Of course nothing says beauty by the sea quite like good old down at home in Florida in the United States of America. The temperatures are balmy, the sky is clear, palm trees sway and the sea goes on seemingly forever. Some of the most beautiful courses in the United States are located along the Florida coastlines and sprinkled throughout the mainland as well. Don't believe me? Check out PGA Village and see it for yourself!



    No matter where you live, chances are, you don't have to leave 'home' to seek Mother Nature's beauty on the course!


    Hi, I am Chad! Golfing is something I absolutely enjoy and spreading the word about golf is what I hope every golf fanatic will start doing. I definitely enjoy going on the beautiful greens and nothing beats the feeling of playing in the exciting PGA Village for me!